Serravinci Visciolata Cocktail Recipes

Black Cherry

(Amaranto Bar at the Four Seasons)

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Whiskey 
Visciolata del Cardinale
Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur  
Fresh Cream 
Method: Shake everything, but the cream, strain into an iced filled Old Fashioned glass, layer the fresh cream on top.
Garnish: grated dark chocolate and cherry.

Visciolata 2011


25ml Tanqueray Gin
15ml Visciolata
10ml Lemon juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
Sugar Cube

Method: Infuse the sugar cube with visciolata.

Add the gin, lemon sugar syrup and visciolata into an iced cocktail shaker.Shake to mix and double strain into a chilled champagne flute. Top with champagne
Garnish: sugar cube


(Gilbert Scott)   

50ml Bacardi Oakheart spiced rum
25ml Viscolata  del Cardinale
20ml fresh lemon juice 
100ml  pear juice
Dash angostura bitters 
Method: stir in a metal jug and then steam (if possible in a coffee machine) and serve straight up in a cinnamon and pimento sugar rimmed glass with 3 cherries coated in gold 

Big Apple Sour 

(Quo Vadis)

50 ml Stoly Gala Applik 
20 ml lemon 
15 ml 1:1 honey water 
pinch cinnamon 
20 ml fresh egg white 

Method: Dry shake, shake and strain in a a rock glass 
float 20 ml of Visciolata 
Garnish: cinnamon stick


(The Corinthia)

40 ml calvados 
20 ml Visciolata 
10 ml creme de cacao liqueur 
Drops of lavender bitter 

Method:  Roll with ice and served in a cocktail glass with sour cherries on the spoon and chocolate truffle infused with Calvados. 

Cherry Sling 

(The Connaught Hotel)

4 fresh cherries
45ml Ketel One vodka
10ml Visciolata del Cardinale
2 teaspns home-made cinnamon sugar
20ml fresh yuzu juice
45ml fresh pineapple juice
25ml ginger beer

Method: Muddle the fruit and shake all the ingredients, besides the ginger beer, with ice. Pour into a highball filled with cubed ice and add ginger beer. Garnish with a fresh cherry and pineapple slice.

Best Kept Secret

(The Artesian Bar at the Langham)

50ml Syrah Grenache
15ml Viscolata del Cardinale
15ml Chocolate liqueur
2bspoon rehydrated goji berries         
10ml vanilla syrup
Glass: goblet

Method: Shaker
Garnish: Mint/choco stick/goji berries

The Rules Sling


50ml Plymouth Gin
15ml Visciolata
15ml Benedictine
½ lemon juiced
50ml soda water                         

Method: Add all the ingredients except the soda water to an iced shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled high ball glass.Top with soda water.

Garnish: 2 cherries and a slice of lemon.

Love Me

(American Bar Savoy)

35ml Ketel One Vodka 
35ml Viscolata del Cardinale 
25ml lemon juice 
20ml Sugar syrup 
1/2 fresh egg white (optional) 
3 drops Plumb bitters 
Method: Shake hard and double strain into a cocktail glass. 

Garnish with cherry 

Visciolata Cobbler

(The Bulgari Hotel)

40ml Viscolata del Cardinale
5ml Kummel
15ml Poli Miele
25ml Johnnie Walker Black

Glass: Old-fashioned

Garnish: Seasonal berries, ½ slice of orange and nutmeg

Cherry Cobbler

(Taste of London 2017)
Created by Matteo Corsalini)

25ml gin
35ml Visciolata del Cardinale
10ml fresh lemon juice
30ml pineapple juice
30ml orange juice
10ml vanilla syrup

Method:Either straight into the glass or shaken.
Serve with crushed ice

Garnish: Two blueberries on a cocktail stick either side of a cherry